AIDA Synopsis

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Act One

The Egyptian wing of a modern museum, where a man and a woman touring the exhibit catch each other's eyes. AMNERIS , a female Pharoah, comes to life (Every Story is a Love Story) and transports us to ancient egypt, where RADAMES, captain of the Egyptian Army, is returning from an expidition through the land of Nubia, Egypt's long-time enemy (Fortune Favors the Brave) . When his soldiers capture a group of Nubian women, he finds himself captivated by the fierce and majestic AIDA (The Past Is Another Land) .

Brought to Egypt as a slave, Aida is saved from certain death in the copper mines by Radames, who sends her handmaiden to Princess Amneris, his betrothed. Radames' father, Prime Minister Zoser, greets his son with the news that Pharoah is dying and Radames must prepare to become the next ruler of Egypt (Another Pyramid) .

Radames' Nubian servent, MEREB, is a young man who has learned the tricks of survival in Egypt. Delivering Aida to the palace, he recognizes her as the daughter of the Nubian King (How I Know You) . She commands him to keep her identity secret, lest the Egyptians kill her. Presented to Amneris, Aida perceives that the Princess' love of fashion (My Strongest Suit) only serves as a mask for her insecurities. At a banquet, PHAROAH announces that Radames and Amneris will wed in seven days, leaving the Captain distrught that his days as an explorer have ended. Together, he and Aida share their dreams and regrets (Enchanted Passing Through) .

Later that night, Amneris worries about her father's illness, and finds in Aida someone who understands and encourages her (My Strongest Suit-Reprise) . Burstin into his fiancee's chamber. Radames steals a moment with Aida to share his growing attraction to her.

Taken by Mereb to the Nubian camp, Aida submits to her people's pleas to lead them (Dance of the Robe) . When she implores Radames to help the Nubians, he opens hisn heart by giving his pocessins to them (Not Me) and declaring for her (Elaborate Lives) . unable to fight her feelings any longer, she falls into his embrace.

Their bliss is inturrupted by news that Radames' armies have captured AMONASRO, King of Nubia and Aida's father. Unable to comfort her, Radames leaves Aida in distress. Rallying her dispirit people, Aida assures them that Nubia will never die (The Gods of Nubia) .

Act Two

Aida , Amneris, and Radames now find themselves entangled in conflicted loyalties and emotions (A Step Too Far) .

Aida and Mereb bribe their way into Amonasro's prison cell, where she's reunited with her father. Mereb hatches a plan to escape with the King during the commotion of Amneris' wedding. To save her father and the nation, Aida must betray the man she loves (Easy as Life) .

Zoser discoves Radames' affair and warns his son that it could cost him the throne, but Radames no longer shares his father's ambitions (Like Father, Like Son) . Zoser orders his men to find Aida and kill her.

At the Nubian camp, Aida receives an apology from Radames (Radames' Letter) for the thoughtless way he acted upon hearing of Amonasro's capture. When Egyptian soldiers arrive seeking Aida, NEHEBKA sacrifices herself so her Princess can live. Now even more determined to leave Radames forever, Aida goes to say good-bye to him over Mereb's objections (How I Know You) .

Radames informs Aida that he's calling off the wedding. She knows this would ruin her father's escape and tells him he must go through with it (Written In the Stars) . Radames agrees, on condition that she escape to freedom on a boat he will provide. The heartbroken lovers part, but Amneris has overheard their entire conversation and faces the fact that her upcoming marriage is a sham (I Know the Truth) .

News of Amonasro's escape disrupts Amneris' wedding. Radames learns the truth of Aida's identity when he arrives at the docks just as she's about to board his boat with her father. In the chaos, Zoser slays Mereb and Radames makes possible Amonasro's escape. Then he and Aida are arrested for treason.

At the ensuring trial, Pharoah sentences both Aida and Radames to be burried alive. Amneris rises to her role as future Pharoah by convincing her father to let the lovers die in the same tomb, an act of mercy for the two people she has come to love. Facing death, Aida looks to Radames for strength (Elaborate Lives- Reprise) . As they are slowly deprived of light and air (Enchantment Passing Through- Reprise) . Radames swears he will search for a hundred lifetimes to find her again.

Back in the comtemporary museum, the spirit of Amneris watches (Every Story is a Love Story- Reprise) as the modern man and woman are strangely drawn to one another. They are the reincarnations of Aida and Radames, finding in each other a new begining.

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